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I grew up in a tea garden in Southern China. From an early age, tea was a big part of my life. My favorite part, was being completely immersed in a deep state of calm, as we followed the ancient technique for picking, rinsing and preparing tea. I have longed for this feeling many times in my life, especially when I am away from home.


My first summer in the Caribbean, I started to crave tea again. This time, a modern form that unlocks a feeling unique to the Caribbean; something cool, bubbly, and refreshing that you can sip on all day long. It’s a moment of stillness, as you gaze into the horizon, searching for where the ocean meets the sky.


So began Virgin Leaf, a living kombucha tea inspired by the endless Caribbean summer. Still the same fresh tea from my hometown, only more inviting with Caribbean-influenced recipes, local herbs and fruit, and gut-loving probiotics.


I hope Virgin Leaf offers you a moment to pause. To become calm and still. And to bring new clarity into your present moment.


With love,


Mom and grandmas bringing island vibes to a tea garden in Hangzhou, China

in gut we trust

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